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 Welcome and Congratulations...

 You have taken the 1st steps towards Building a Cohesive Team, One Individual at a Time! 

About 5th Principle 

5th Principle exists to build cohesive teams within your organization.


We accomplish this by developing people of character who are invested in the organization; building cohesive teams with a shared purpose; and creating a deliberate climate of organizational trust.

Our proven methods will increase employee engagement; optimize your teams’ collective potential; and result in a positive organizational culture.

Our success is rooted in 200+ combined years of practical leadership experience.


We stand ready to engage at all levels of your organization.

Leader Development

Do you have a deliberate strategy to

develop your employees/teammates?

Team Building

Increased productivity will happen as a result of building cohesive teams, with a huge injection of TRUST! 

We tailor our Service(s) based on your tell us what you need and we will deliver!  Like a train, the routes and speeds might vary but the "destination" is always the same.  The destination that you can expect from our team is increased productivity -- pure and simple!

Our objective is to assist you and your teams in establishing a deliberate "culture" and "climate" in which all your employee's  feel like valued members of your team, and their productivity and job satisfaction increases as a result.


We want to help you build an extended family.

Public Speaking

Dynamic speakers who willingly

share their leadership and team-building

experiences, from "their lens." in order 

to make all in attendance better

teammates, leaders, and PEOPLE!

Character Development

It all starts here with ethical decision making in the workplace and represent the organization

on or off "the clock."

What Can 5th Principle Do For You?