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Senior Vice President

Michael "Ted" Kennedy is the Vice President and a Senior Partner at 5th Principle.  

Ted has a long history of leading, planning, and organizing at various levels from the smallest teams in the US Army (4), to serving in his latest capacity overseeing the largest special operations military training center in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Besides serving as 5th Principle’s Vice President, Ted also currently serves as a Senior Lead Instructor (SLI) at the UAE"s prestigious Presidential Guard Institute (PGI).    His role as an SLI places him in a position the requires the supervision of employees from several different countries who collectively observe multiple religions, and ensures the synchronization of all.  His daily work space is diverse of culture, dynamic in pace, and often dangerous is the norm.  Ted excels at finding a balance and at building the synergy required to make teams “the best in the business.”

Ted's service in the US Army was primarily in the elite 75th Ranger Regiment.  He worked his way up from a young Soldier, to a Sergeant Major in one of the most competitive and demanding units in the United States Military.  During his time as a Soldier, Ted led at all echelons, culminating as the Operations Sergeant Major for the Joint Multinational Training Command (JMTC) in Germany.  JMTC is the largest overseas training command in the Department of Defense, comprised of personnel, facilities, and training areas across Europe.  

Ted is a family man with a wife of 30 years, and two grown sons who are actively serving in the US Armed Forces.  He is a graduate of the prestigious US Army Sergeant's Major Academy with superior evaluations.  He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts (Cum Laude) from Excelsior College.  

Ted enjoys international travel, world history, and the great outdoors.  Most of all he enjoys being challenged with new and intriguing projects that lead to a positive and distinct outcome. He specializes in building, motivating and leading teams in austere work environments, where the challenges are the greatest but so to are the rewards.

Michael "Ted" Kennedy: Team
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